Season transition

April 3rd, 2012 Gordo No comments

I’m thankful to live in Canada where we have winter, spring, summer and fall. I enjoy the anticipation for each season. It is the beginning of April and I’m already wearing my flip flops, getting my bike out,  craving to wear summer clothes and hit the beach. Come the end of summer, I’ll be looking forward to pulling on warm sweaters, wearing socks and going hiking among the fall colours. Then I’ll be getting excited for snowboarding season.

Spring is almost here and I feel a urge of transition and change, I feel connected to our environment. So much to look forward to!

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The 4 P’s of entrepreneurship

March 20th, 2012 Gordo No comments

Due to organizational changes, I will not be returning to my previous role after my Maternity leave. I am currently on an opportunity search.

After a career transition workshop I’ve been coached how to tell others I’ve been laid off. I started a business a year and a half ago with the gut feeling I’d be laid off. Now that it has happened I’ve got major pressure to ensure our business can provide financial support once my maternity leave is over. I went to my accountant who is also a business coach and teaches many entrepreneurs. I asked him a general question about the universe trying to tell me something. Or why are a lot of crummy things happening at once? He said, I think the universe is just telling you, that you are now an entrepreneur.

After a crazy week of feeling like I was a frozen computer, we hit the road to Kimberly to get in some amazing powder turns snowboarding. I got to ride with a great friend who is also a local. She took me to her powder stash, and what a stash!! Just when I thought it was over, bam!! another field of untouched powder. It was nice to get away and leave stresses at home.

Once back home, I had a fresh perspective, outlook and energy. As I’m sure most people have an inner dialogue, I too have an inner dialogue. I find myself repeating these four P’s a lot lately.

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Positivity
  • Persevere

Patience, things don’t always happen as quick as you expect them to.

Persistence, Go back to the contacts you made, over and over again. Give it time and you’ll build a relationship, they’ll want to hire your services.

Positivity, believe in your dreams!! You can do it!

Persevere, expect challenges, nothing will always be perfect and run smoothly. Persevere through the road blocks. You’ll learn and they will only make you stronger. And the next time it happens, you’ll work through it with ease.

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March 12th, 2012 Gordo No comments

Although my husband is working crazy hours to balance his  career and our business, we still found time this past weekend to spend quality time together and with our friends and family.

We got to visit with my dad and step mom Friday night on their way through Calgary.  It was quick, but my dad got to see his Grand daughter and we got to hear about their holiday and catch up.

Saturday I took Taylor to a friends, daughter’s 3rd birthday party. It was a blast. The Mother is very creative and crafty. She had a Monster themed party with face painting, an amazing cake with little monster’s on it. Monster cookie decorating. She also made sock monster stuffed toys, and monter playdough for guests. She’s an inspiration for when I plan my daughter’s first birthday.

We headed home for a nap and to prep for our next adventure, Curling!! I love the smell of ice, wether I’m curling or skating on it, love it! Watching our friends slip and slide around is a blast too. Taylor loved the ice . We all took turns hanging out with her on the side line in between sweeping, playing skip, and shooting!! It was a great time!! I appreciate my friends that organized it.

Taylor fell asleep after curling and we went to Brendan’s cousin for a visit, it was a great time!!

The following day, Brendan woke up with Taylor while I got to sleep in. I love hearing them laugh and chase each other around the house.

That night we had Brendan’s cousin and his gf over for Turkey burgers with guacamole and a movie.

After cleaning our hot tub this weekend and turning down the temperature we had a family hot tub after dinner tonight. I love seeing Taylor kicking her legs like the doggy paddle comes naturally and reaching out to her dad and I. It was so much fun!! She giggles and splashes and screams. It was a blast!!

These quality times and memories will now never be forgotten thanks to odacava.

Please feel free to share your quality moments.